My wife and I were discussing self-confidence the other day, and I got to thinking that there can be a challenge as you get old and a bit forgetful.  If you have had a long, successful and loving marriage, discussing everything and coming to consensus every day (all day?), then, when having to handle an issue by yourself, anxiety can set in.

If you are a man (certainly, if you were brought up in England in the old days) there was a presumption and expectation that you would act on all occasions of stress as a “man” – calm, reliable, decisive and confident.  But doing most things with your spouse, social and otherwise, outside the home hides up a certain insecurity and anxiety.  Will I do X correctly, calmly and authoritively?  Will I remember everything I am supposed to remember, like…their names?   Did I bring my wallet?

I was expecting illness in old age, but what I got was anxiety.  By the way, is it Thursday or Friday?

Laughing at oneself helps.

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