An own goal

Unless there is a sudden and unexpected outbreak of patriotism and seriousness, today’s the day Boris Johnson will assume the title of Prime Minister of the UK.

There have been some pretty terrible rulers of the country, but you have to go back to King John, Edward II, Henry VI or Charles I to find anyone as unqualified as Boris Johnson.  That is, unless, like Boris you think that the whole business of running a country is a huge joke, and you want as Prime Minister an entertainer.

Personally, I think we need more comedians, but none with a finger on the detonator of a nuclear bomb, even if it might not actually work if he pressed the red button.

Since I have feet in rwo camps I can assure the British supporters of Johnson that informed Americans (who have their own local problem) cannot believe either Brexit or Johnson, laugh hysterically and think the Brits have lost it completely.  The only one delighted is Putin.  In soccer this whole sorry episode is known as an “own goal”.

Watch while a variety of countries (Iran is kicking it off) get their revenge for past colonialism and weight thrown around the world – this government will be out of its depth.



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