An answer to a reader who thinks Brexit is the fault of the EU

The message from the reader:

“Sorry, but it was the President and Chief negotiator of the European Commission who caused the crisis.
“ If, immediately following the results of the vote on the 23rd June 2016, the President of the EU had acknowledged the dissatisfaction of a proportion of the British (mainly English) electorate and had suggested to ‘get around the table’ and find a compromise then I truly believe that Parliament would never have ratified the result.
“Instead, what I observed was childish petulant ‘If that is what Britain wants, then they can have it’ style response.
“If the toys had not been thrown out of the cot then I believe that it could all have been smoothed over and another vote (as per Irish EU monetary mechanism re-vote).
“Don’t blame the British electorate who stood up to these over-entitled bullies.”( comment:  The above is a comment made by a reader on a posting I published on May 15 about the effects of Brexit.

My comment:   Strange, isn’t it!  The Little England, “hate the frogs” lot have no idea how they come (came) across to outsiders:  Throwbacks to a different age, when England ruled the waves and one could happily patronize backward French and other Continentals.  For years the Brexit crowd nagged on about the horrors of the EU, really irritating the Continentals.

Well, the former have their way now – and talk about an ill-thought-out dog’s dinner! The challenges facing Britain now are too many (and too boring ) to enumerate to a  sophisticated international audience.  Let’s just comment that from elderly Brits in France unable to renew their driving licenses to small companies who have to start a subsidiary on the Continent at great expense in order to keep their EU sales, a “dark age” looks more likely than triumphant independence, especially given a clown as Prime Minister.  I weep.

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