America – land of massive inequality

The top 1% of Americans have taken $50 trillion from the bottom 90%.  This has been done by way of unemployment, scant benefits, unfair tax laws, and lopsided investment and political give-aways of our money.

Now, the RAND Center has put a number on just how much wealth the top 1 percent has stolen from the rest of the country over the past few decades: a staggering $50 trillion. This analysis sheds light on the dark void of wealth inequality between the ultra-rich and the bottom 90% of Americans – and our desperate need for the government to do its job and reverse the robbery.  (Nick Hanauer and David M. Rolf, Patriotic Millionaires, 17 Sep 2020).

My comment:  This has happened with the full assistance and complicity of politicians.  It undermines democracy and the Constitution, and is actually physically dangerous in the longer term ( read some history!).  How can one have confidence and peace of mind under these circumstances?


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