Ambassador Darroch’s unresolved resignation

The shoddy, shabby treatment of the. British Ambassador to Washington raises the immediate question: who leaked his very accurate assessment of Trump?

My favourite explanation is  that the Foreign Office computer system was hacked by an insider with a view of getting Darroch replaced  – by Nigel Farrage.

Who would want this and why?  Principally, Boris Johnson (an act-alike Trump) who has warned May not to make a new appointment until he is installed as PM.  Farage and his extremist Brexiteers are a serious threat to the Tories.  They got more votes than the Tories in the recent local elections, and when Boris (assuming he is in fact, gulp!, Prime Minister) has to call a general election, the Tories could be wiped out.  The Washington job gets Farage out of the way, panders to the latter’s cocky self- importance, and would have the delighted acceptance of Trump.  Moreover, almost any trade deal with the US would be unpopular with the British people, and Farage, heading the British trade negotiations, could be blamed for proposals to sell off the National Health, put British meat producers out of business and flood the market with what Brits regard as second rate, if not unhealthy, food.

The Tories do little in the way of governing for all the people, but no one can complain about them lacking ruthlessness.  To undermine the job of an experienced ambassador, paid to tell the truth as he sees it, is a new low, and illustrates why Epicurus despised power- seeking politicians and advised us to avoid our involvement in party politics.


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