Aliens are watching us?

Aliens will arrive on Earth after studying us for years.

Uri Geller has claimed that extraterrestrial contact is imminent and aliens have been studying us for years. The 74-year-old said aliens will arrive during something akin to a “Steven Spielberg production”, possibly on the grounds of the White House. Speaking to The Sun ”newspaper” the self-declared psychic said: “I think they are studying us. I don’t know what they really want.” (The Week 14 Dec 2021)

My comment: The aliens are very welcome! I volunteer to give them a tour of China, Russia and assorted African dictatorships, completing the tour with a week in attendance during a session of the US House of Representatives. I will cap it by taking them to a rally addressed by former President Trump. After such a series of educational visits I can assure the reader that we will never hear from them again.

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