About the current crisis: a parallel story

Isn’t it amazing that one man can so easily rile up millions of people, who seem to sincerely believe the national election was stolen from him, no proof needed.

I am reminded of my youth at a boarding school. By “tradition”, young boys lacking confidence and struggling with being away from home, were stuffed into a cramped wooden tea box, legs and feet hanging out over the edge of the box.  Wooden rulers were then used to attack the boys feet and legs , which were covered in glue.  The box was then pushed around, tipped over and pushed under a table.  By this time the child ( usually 12 or thirteen), was hysterical and terrified.

This style of bullying was immortalized in a recent a movie about Alan Turing, the mathematical genius, who was at that same school (The reality was worse than devised by the film- makers).   In any event, the one of the bullied boys subsequently threw himself in front of a train; the other was made mentally ill and was permanently hospitalized.  I am proud that, when I had the opportunity I had this gross, un-Epicurean behavior towards young boys stopped.  Period.

Make no mistake –  what  has happened over recent months in the US is the same thing, on a massive scale, writ large – the bully-in- chief cow-towed to by his followers, and those standing for law and order treated to physical or verbal violence.  These spineless yes-men know the “ leader” is morally wrong, but they do what they are told as self- preservation, glad to have someone to “lead” them, while abrogating any idea of protecting the weak and distraught or the reputation of the nation ( school).  The bully is  only stopped  if confronted by superior force.

In my day, as a senior boy soon to be off to the army,  I asked the headmaster, for the sake of the school,  to back instant expulsion for perpetrators.  These weak people understand a serious threat.  The bullying apparently stopped – dead.

Do not enable self-reverential  bullies!

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