A sign of the times

MPs in Britain have rejected an attempt to force the Government to seek continued membership of the Erasmus+ programme, which funds the studies of 16,000 British students in Europe a year. The vote on a Lib Dem-backed amendment to the withdrawal agreement bill was lost by 254 to 344 votes. However, the Government says it is hoping to continue the “academic relationship” with the EU.

Those who believe in education and open minds, not to mention learning foreign languages will be appalled that Parliament, the new, very right- wing British parliament, could be this short- sighted and petty.  Epicureans regard themselves as citizens of the world and will regard the Erasmus+ programme as highly desirable and civilized.  ( The Week, 18 January 2020)

(P.S:  32% of Britons aged 15 to 30 can read and write in a second language, making the UK the worst performer in Europe. In the next worst country, Hungary, the figure is 71%. In Germany, it is 91%.    (European Commission)

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