A prescient book written in 2019

The Monmouth University Polling Institute conducted a poll in 2019. One thousand people were interviewed about their attitude towards religious fundamentalism, ethnocentric prejudice, and their political views and affiliations. The book written on the subject, “Authoritarian Nightmare: Donald Trump and his followers” by John Dean and Bob Altermeyer, was reviewed in the Washington Post on October 4th. The following points are abstracted from that review:

– Most Trump supporters are highly authoritarian and religious. If necessary, were Trump unavailable, they would back another “strong” leader to take his place.

– Trump followers are overwhelmingly concerned about the “corruption” of American society. They don’t care about incompetence and dishonesty and are highly prejudiced against non-Anglo colored people, and would back him just as long as he protected them from the “danger“ of “lawless” minorities and immigrants.

– Trump supporters would support prosecution of his opponents, and would back him in the event that he had purportedly lost re-election in 2020 if he claimed it to be fraudulent. 33% of respondents would “follow him anywhere”.

– Trump Followers would label a Trump loss of office as “fake news”.

They are not self aware, and do not care what people think of them. They assume that the “swamp” occupants look down on them anyway and they don’t care about the views in the outside world, applauding Trump’s treatment of women, the military, immigrants and their children etc.

The book concludes (well before the election) that the US could be facing more strife and existential challenges.

My comment: Relevance to Epicureanism? Solely, peace of mind. I never dreamt I (or anyone else) would bear witness to what suspiciously like an attempted coup in the United States of America. Now, talking heads seem to fear this, too, but can’t believe it is actually happening, enabled by huge numbers of people.

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