A lousy deal for the young

Nearly two-thirds of childless single British adults aged 20-34 have either never left the family home, or have moved back into it, according to new research into the “boomerang” generation. There are now an estimated 3.5 million young single adults living with their parents in the UK, a third more than a decade ago. (The Week 24 Oct 2020)

My take: No wonder there is resentment against the old, the wealthy and comfortable. House and apartment prices are out of reach for the young, even if they have jobs, pensions and a measure of the security which manifests itself in the confidence to take on large mortgages. Yes, Grandad and Grandmother will die and leave money, one assumes. Meanwhile, frustration and disappointment grow. I will not see the social results, but can imagine them. This is not healthy for any nation.

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