A fine mess you have got us into ( No.1)

Some things are almost beyond parody.

Lord Frost says the (British) government will hire an external adviser to identify post-Brexit opportunities.  “We have high hopes of outside input into this process,” he says.

The government of the United Kingdom, almost five years after the Brexit referendum, wants help on identifying post-Brexit opportunities!  (Truly! Ed)

The natural response to this is, of course, to laugh like a drain – and to then despair.

But it also worth reflecting upon.

One of the strengths (if that is the correct word) of the Leave campaign was that it was primal in its message – and what is primal is usually inexact, if not vague.

And with such primal force, Leave won and the Remainers lost.  Even if you are an enthusiastic Leaver, this news ought to alarm you.

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