A decent minimum wage

The Vice Chair of the Patriotic Millionaire,Stephen Price, has a message for lawmakers “Stop giving me all these handouts. Instead, my neighbors need that money.” 

A national 15 dollar minimum wage is the right thing to do for workers and businesses, and the Biden administration’s push to pass it right now is a welcome and necessary move. In this piece, Price

breaks down the need to raise the wage in his home state of Georgia: nearly half of all Georgians currently make less than $15 an hour, with people of color making up a large share of those workers, and 78% of workers support a higher wage. Clearly, the time has come for Democrats to seize control and pass a 15 dollar wage.   (The Patriotic Millionaire. 28 Jan 2021)

My comment:  ”If you look after your staff they will look after you”.   This was the advice given me by a very experienced person who had been on the boards of several companies.  People in general will respond well if they know you are doing your best, make it pleasant to work in your company, keep them informed of how the company is doing, and don’t cheese-pare on wages.  There are not many happy workers earning 7 or 8 dollars an hour these days.


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