25 visitors with snow on their boots

I don’t do it often (it’s the quality of visitor to this blog that is important, not the number), but yesterday I had occasion to inspect the statistics associated with this blog.  25 Russians are  shown as visitors to the blog, just yesterday.

Now why would 25 Russian citizens visit a blog called Epicurus.Today, presented in English and with a focus on events in the United States and Britain (countries I happen to know best)?   The blog tries to relate the teachings of the Greek philosopher Epicurus to modern, everyday events and issues that we encounter all the time  and suggests practical ways of looking at them without the arcane verbiage of modern philosophy.   It does not aspire to be a foremost opinion-former in the Western world!

Or do Russians disagree with the “foremost opinion-former” bit?

It so happens that in the ranks of those who disturb ataraxia , or peace of mind, are the Russians , who do nothing if not ordered to do so by their political masters.  I have written some very rude things about the attempts to destabilise the EU and to interfere with the elections in the US, the referendum on Brexit, and elections elsewhere. I have also recently experienced what seems to be a minor technical disruption of the blog that might have had nothing to do with anything.

I have no evidence whatsoever that these these 25 visitors have malign intent, but just in case they do let me give you the best advice you will get this year:   Mir tovarisc – stop poking around in Western media and spreading lies and untruths, and focus on the crooks who stole your country when Communism fell, and are now some of the richest people on the planet.  Arrest them and send them for re-education in a Siberian gulag (especially you-know-who), and leave us alone!   Then, perhaps we can concentrate on Epicurean peace of mind and enjoyment of life.

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