The new brand of fascism

President Macron has condemned the defacing of a memorial to the victims of a notorious Nazi massacre in the Limousin. In 1944, SS troops stormed into the village of Oradour-sur-Glane, and killed nearly all of its 642 inhabitants. The men were shot in the legs and then set alight; the women and children were burnt alive in the church. Only a handful of residents survived. Oradour has been preserved as a memorial ever since. Last week, vandals crossed out the word “martyr” on the main entrance sign, and added “menteur” – “liar”.   (The Week, 29 Aug 2020)

My comment:  The rise of extreme right wing know-nothings is not confined to the United States.  It is fueled by social media where you can say the most outrageous, cruel and hurtful things with little or no come-back, prepping impressionable young people with lousy “education” to reject moderation, kindness and decency, the hallmarks both of Epicureanism (and genuine Christianity).  We have to forthrightly fight back against this monstrous trend, used by ruthless politicians and racists to undermine social peace and well-being.

(One of my university tutors was simultaneous translator at the war crimes trial of the people who ordered the Oradour atrocity – I will never forget the tears that welled up in his eyes as he described what he heard.  Too few people are educated on the terrible damage wrought by extreme, violent bullies who deliberately violate historical fact)

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