I would like to wish every reader a happier and calmer 2021!

Meanwhile I am having to note what I think is a dubious start.  I refer to the fact, firstly, that the UK has officially left the EU (groan for the future of the grandchildren! The disaster has finally come to pass!).

Secondly, some lobby or other is calling for President-Elect Biden to appoint more people of Asian ancestry.  Please! What we need is to stop the constant chatter about race and concentrate on brain, know- how, intelligence and experience.  Biden has so far done a good job at assembling a good group of advisors  and executives that seems  to qualify.  Well done!

Personally, I am fed up with these special interest lobbies.  Please offer us a quiet period of good governance!  I want some good news and, as mentioned yesterday,  giant helping of peace of mind!


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