Top to bottom reform needed

A highly placed Vatican source claims that Cardinal Gerhard Müller, together with three experienced CDF priests, was dismissed by Pope Francis because they all had tried to follow loyally the Church’s standing rules concerning abusive clergymen. In one specific case, Müller opposed the Pope’s re-instatement of Don Mauro Inzoli, an unmistakably cruel abuser of many boys; but the Pope would not listen. In another case, the Pope decided not to give a Vatican apartment to one of Müller’s own secretaries, but to the now-infamous Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, in spite of the fact that someone had warned the Pope about Capozzi’s grave problems. The Vatican source also said that it was known to several people in the Vatican that some restrictions were put on Cardinal McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI, and he thereby confirms Viganò’s own claim that Francis knew about Carrick.

A well-informed Vatican source, asked about Pope Francis and McCarrick’s habitual abuse, answered: “Cardinal Müller [as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF)] had always …followed up on these abuse cases, and that is why he was dismissed, just as his three good collaborators [the three CDF priests] were also dismissed.”

The source explained that Cardinal Müller, as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, had always been loyally following the Church’s laws with regard to abuse cases, for the handling of which the CDF is responsible. According to the source, Müller also “resisted” Pope Francis in 2014 when he wanted to re-instate the serial molester of boys, the Italian priest Don Inzoli, allowing him to perform some functions of the priesthood. “The Pope decided differently,” the source continued. That is to say, Pope Francis did not follow Cardinal Müller’s advice.(Edited, LifeSiteNews item,August 29, 2018)

How can anyone have respect for an institution like the Catholic Church as it is currently constituted. How do we know that all this horrendous abuse hasn’t been going on since the Middle Ages? How many scores of people have been harmed over the years? Why does the church seem to attract predators? The celibacy rule must be part of the problem. In my opinion it is outdated and contrary to human nature.

The early christians were responsible for misrepresenting and unfairly ridiculing Epicurus and his rational teachings, so much so that Epicureanism became equated with gluttony, greed and hedonism. These charges were unfounded then, and now. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. The current charges against the Catholic Church are well founded, and the hierarchy attempts to cover it all up. Hopefully, the financial cost of all this will lead to reform.

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