The prosperity gospel

The so-called prosperity gospel is a set of beliefs that says that God will reward faith , and very generous giving, with financial blessings.

Although proponents call themselves christian, there is nothing christian about this idea. The most prominent American prosperity gospeller is currently Paula White, white, married three times and accused of taking advantage of her African American flock in Florida and on Black Entertainment Network. Controversy swirls around her. Trump likes her (well, she’s a blonde with a good figure and an outgoing personality), and her philosophy suits him beautifully, for he can claim that it is God who has endowed him with billions of dollars. White offered the prayer at his inauguration and is a weekly visitor to the White House, with considerable influence. She is the head of a group of evangelical pastors who advise Trump, and it is she who alledgedly “personally led Trump to Christ”, (not cheating suppliers and ridding himself of debt by going bankrupt). She has been clever, never asking Trump for any favours, but buying a $3?5 m condo in Trump Tower. She is so well esconced in the White House that she is able to put in front of Trump a list of 130 peoplewho are “originalist, constitutional“ judges and pursue what matters to her: Supreme Court justices, religious liberty, Israel, human trafficking, coverage of contraception, and abortion. No other religious sect has similar access, even though the Constitution states that no Administration should favour one faith over another. She claims that Trump is fulfilling an assignment from God that is important to the church and to America”.

Here you have a clever woman who knows exactly how to manipulate the self-reverential Trump, who probably is now persuaded that he is the chosen of God, not only because of his wealth but because he has been personally chosen to return America to the path of righteousness. The abuses of religion! No wonder Epicurus was wary of it.