Raul – a poem about renaissance

On a beach by the tropical water stands a boat Anonymous, un-named, derelict and un-remarked. It was assembled in make-do fashion in metal. Over the rivets tar has been used against the leaks, Oozing through the holes under the baking sun, And dis-figuring the side of the boat. The old petrol engine, once painted green …

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Where do good and evil come from?

Philosophers have long wrestled with the nature of good and evil. Are they an inseparable duality? Are some things inherently good or evil? These questions seem too abstract to be answered by science. But by asking questions such as “why are animals altruistic?” and “why do chimps sometimes violently kill one another?”, biologists have arrived …

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Brexit, a field day for crooks. Bye, bye ataraxia!

Mobsters have always exploited world events for their own gain, says The Economist. But “for organised criminals, Brexit is perhaps the most promising rearrangement of the European scene since the fall of communism”. Clearly, much will depend on the outcome of exit negotiations. But if, for instance, Britain achieves its aim of maintaining an open …

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Thought for the day

There were nearly 60,000 murders in Brazil in 2015, as many as China, all of Europe, Northern Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, the US and New Zealand combined. (Metrocosm, 12 September 2017) And yet the Brazilian economy is quite lively. You can’t just put this down to fevelas and poverty.