Who are Trump’s American “elite”?

– They have a measure of actual education. – They believe in and keep up with advances in science. – They possess a measure of self-control and self-discipline. – They have empathy for the poor, the sick and the dispossessed – and actually give real money to charitable causes. – They are polite and considerate …

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A thought from CERN, Geneva

I have just been to CERN and was reminded that Epicurus was a forerunner of todays particle physicists. Epicurean atomism was remarkably similar to nineteenth-century atomic chemistry: atoms as indivisible, eternal building blocks, things regarded as mere accumulations of atoms colliding with each other. More, the Epicureans came up with a “many worlds” cosmology long …

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Scary? The African conundrum

“By the year 2030,Africa will represent about one quarter of the world’s workforce. By 2050 the African population is expected to double to more than 2.5 billion people, with 70% of them under the age of 30”. ( Rex Tillerson, American Secretary of State, quoted in the Washington Post, March 8, 2018). The above statistics …

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Thought for the day: Far-sighted Seneca

Two thousand years ago, Seneca reflected on the very matters that have consumed the minds of right-thinking men through all eras of humanity to the present day: “We are mad, not only individually but nationally. We check and punish manslaughter and isolated murders, but what of war and the much-vaunted crime of slaughtering whole peoples?”

Amazon Echo and electronic snooping

A Portland couple were discussing hardwood floors. Their Amazon Echo was listening, recording their discussion, then sending the recording randomly to someone in their contacts list, without the couple’s knowledge. The wife told Seattle TV station KIRO 7 that they learned something was amiss when they received a phone call from an employee of the …

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Triumph of the extroverts

“Does anyone live a life of quiet despair these days? The question struck me with some force, one Sunday evening last summer, when I found myself on the Leatherhead bypass. These proud detached villas, still with their net curtains and tidy front gardens, were exactly the sort of houses where people sighed in Betjeman’s poems …

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