A very short introduction on the 20th

Hi, I’m Oscar. I’ve recently connected with this blog’s founder, Robert Hanrott, and accepted his invitation to be a regular contributor on Epicurus Today.

My goal here is to produce weekly content that is both digestible (i.e., brief) and thought-provoking. That said, I also aim to contribute more lengthy – in-depth – essays on a monthly basis.

About me: I’m a student. I’m multilingual. I love books and I play musical instruments…and yada yada yada and blah blah blah – most importantly, I’m a work in-progress. Success for me, is if today I’m better than who I was yesterday; and if tomorrow I’m better than who I am today. I try my best to not miss an opportunity to do good and resist opportunities to do bad.

I first came under direct Epicurean influence early into high school, by the blessing of my then-girlfriend – who thought that I think a lot and rather actively encouraged it by getting me into the book 100 Essential Thinkers by Philip Stokes. Therein was my first exposure to Epicurus, the sage himself. It was truly a serendipitous encounter because we were rushing through a nearby shopping mall – as a short-cut – and chanced upon the book as it caught my attention and I suddenly – if not abruptly – stopped to investigate more closely and point it out to her. This was the exact opposite of a blessing-in-disguise – it was sober and disguise free – a chance blessing, I’m so grateful happened to me. Later it was all the more remarkable, to finally connect the dots and realize just how much earlier I was under an Epicurean influence.  It seems that my whole childhood through to my adolescence was under, albeit indirect, Epicurean influence.  Between my chores and paper route job duties I was able receive despite not having cable, on my earlier black & white television and later colour television set, clear over-the-air broadcast coverage of the public channel CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) which aired my to-this-day favourite show The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, a show inspired by Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura and one of my greatest joys growing up.

Like with many things in life, finding a suitable spot online for advancing the legacy of Epicurus with forward thinking contemporaries, takes some searching around and experimenting. I’m happy to have found as kind a host as Robert Hanrott and landed with the opportunity to contribute to that end on Epicurus Today.

I’ll leave you with a song: Star Treatment by Arctic Monkeys


Happy Twentieth! 🙂

Next Time: Publicly-Funded Superstition


  1. Welcome, Oscar. You’re right about your host :-).
    Looking forward to reading your take on “the nature of things” (lower case) in general–including Canadian perspectives.

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